Stromberg for Iowa. Pro-woman. Pro-life.

Given the recent passage of the heartbeat abortion bill in the Iowa Legislature and that my own pro-life commitments are a matter of public record it’s important for voters to know where I stand and what I consider the differences between myself and my opponent, Rep. Sandy Salmon. 

After a great deal of consideration, I am extending my support to this legislation.

Why? While I do have serious concerns with portions of the legislation and uncertainty about it surviving legal challenge, the overriding consideration for me is that human life should be valued and protected at every stage of life and development. The inherent dignity of the human person doesn’t depend on age, sex, gender, race, religion, orientation, disability or socioeconomic status. This same regard for human life should also extend to the most vulnerable among us– the unborn.

I know this makes me different from any other Democratic candidate in the state of Iowa, and perhaps unacceptable as a candidate to some of my fellow Democrats, even to some good friends. But I have lived my life believing two things can be possible at the same time–  a person can be both pro-woman and pro-life. Anyone who knows me can attest I have nothing but compassion for any woman who finds herself in the desperate circumstance of a crisis pregnancy and that’s why unlike my Republican opponent I support a range of public policy positions that put women and families first.

I will always support what is best for our public schools, universities, and junior colleges as the best way to support our families. I will work tirelessly to end the disastrous privatization of Medicaid in Iowa that harms so many. I will fight for more resources for our front line social service workers drowning under unmanageable caseloads. I have publicly called out Representative Salmon for her misguided attempt to make it harder for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence to get a restraining order against their abusers. I will stand with women to see that our workplaces are free of sexual harassment– starting in the State House.

To my pro-choice supporters, even though we disagree on this important issue, I will still try to win your votes on every other priority that we share. To voters of Representative Salmon, I hope that my comprehensive embrace of protecting human life, one that moves beyond legislative protection for the unborn, earns me some consideration for your vote during this election.

Eric Stromberg

Candidate for Iowa House of Representatives, District 63


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