Legislative oversight of Medicaid transition.

The Medicaid transition from a state administered program to one administered by private insurers that began April 1 has been a disaster. It is already negatively impacting our most vulnerable populations and our health care providers. On top of that the arithmetic just does not add up for taxpayers to see any savings. Oversight is a necessity to ensure our people are protected and private insurers do not profit from denying rightful claims.


Increased State Supplemental Aid for our school districts.

This aid has been at historic lows the past five years. Every superintendent and principal in the 63rd tell me they feel the pressure and have to cut programs and lay off educators. Legislators also need to pass needed aid in a timely manner so our school districts have adequate time to prepare their budgets.

Continued expansion of public investment in green energy.

Iowa leads the country in reliance on wind energy which accounts for 30% of our electricity consumption. We must continue to lead until 50% and more of our energy comes from green energy sources.

Index the Minimum Wage.

The Federal Minimum wage has remained the same since the 1970s. Whenever the subject comes up it becomes a protracted battle. Automatic increases tied to inflation would be better for our families and better for our business leaders as they are able to plan on regular, reliable change.

Relax barriers to access for Medicinal Cannabis.

Legislation as it currently exists makes medicinal cannabis legal but impossible to get as there are no dispensaries in Iowa. There needs to be an affordable, legal way to help those with painful conditions where cannabis oil and other cannabis derivatives are the best therapeutic options.

Sentencing reform.

Sentencing norms for nonviolent offenders are too punitive in our state and our prisons are overcrowded. It is not only morally right, but a practical savings to taxpayers that we reform sentencing for nonviolent offenders.

Stromberg for Iowa.

Read our statement on the Heartbeat Abortion Bill

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